Here is what we know:
    • Network Marketing has drastically changed in the last 5 years.
    • Hotel meetings aren't the same. Some say they are dead. Replacing the valuable ATMOSPHERE those events created is critical.
    • Creating culture in your team is done completely differently than before.
    • The EDUCATION that your team members received via hotel and home meetings was priceless.
    • With everyone offering a new lottery ticket way to get rich, educating your associates today is more important than ever before.
    • The social event provided critical tools that facilitated strong RELATIONSHIPS.
    Bottom line...
    the question is not whether the profession has changed, 
    its whether or not you are changing with it.
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    My name is Brian...
    I enrolled in my first Network Marketing company at 18 years old. Years later, I found my current company and had the experience to build an incredible group of leaders, thousands of associates and customers, from multiple countries around the world.

    I was heavily involved during a time where hotel meetings were the system. I helped build a city wide organization of associates that had 300+ people a week attending a hotel opportunity meeting. We had local training events upwards of 500 associates only attending with stages, lights, sound systems, welcoming committees, registration teams and a dynamic schedule of an average of 15-20 speakers each time.  I tell you this, cause I have been there and have done that well.
    In 2011, I noticed something changing.  Our associates were having a hard time getting people to attend hotel events. So we trained more, encourage them to think outside the box and get as creative as possible to get people to the event. Little did I know what was really happening.

    Then something unique did happened. In 2015, my house was struck by lightening and burned to the ground. I found myself in a rent house with no furniture, clothes or anything to my name. As I sat in this empty house with some make shift furniture pieces to get us started again, it hit me. I had a clean slate, no files, no computer, no expectations and a very legitimate excuse to sit and be still. Over the next year I evaluated everything about our business and I mean everything.  

    It was time for a change. Over the next year, I took the vision of what was missing in our business, in our profession and began to build a platform to replace some of the core values of our business but in a new,  relevant manner.  This is where the PROCESS Training Program was created.
    What got us here?
    We had a simple, duplicatable system. 
    A system, that a broke college student could succeed at, 
    if I just worked hard.
    Success was a result of
    work ethic. The harder you worked the
    system the more success you would create.

    The better you perfected the system, the
    more leverage you created.
    3 Core Values the Old System Provided
    "In todays day and age, the secret to relevancy in this industry is maintaining the timeless core values of the past and combining them with the relevant technologies of the future."
    Build Systems
    Build in Filters
    "Get Notified"
    Systems Matter
    Exponential Results
    Expect Them
    3 Core Values
    Never Change
    Provide Value
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